Ways of Maintenance of Brush Making Equipment

2019-08-07 210

Support automatic flapping function, support monochrome and bichrome wool planting, can drill wool planting, drilling, wool planting processing mode switching. It can modify or specify the initial hole position of hair planting. When the distance between the hole and the processing hole is long, it can reduce the speed of the signal axis and restore the normal spindle speed after the channel is in place. It can also stop the spindle to the high position and wait for the channel to be in place and restore the processing speed of the spindle.

What should we pay attention to when repairing brushing equipment? Brushing equipment should do a good job in daily maintenance of equipment, adhere to equipment cleaning, timely cleaning of dust, debris, waste, timely addition of lubricants, do a good job in anti-wear, anti-rust work. The machine head is the primary mechanical part of the brushing equipment. The primary action of wool planting is to take the wool, tie the wire to the brush, and insert the wire into the hole. The machine head mainly completes the above primary actions by connecting rod and cam structure. When installing brush making equipment, fixture is a device for installing and processing products. According to different products and different processes, different fixtures are designed. Usually, it is necessary to check the fragile parts regularly and replace the parts with excessive wear in time so as to prevent the quality of products from being affected by the wear of the parts.